Saturday, February 28, 2009

House M.D.

Just another doctor show? Wrong! This one is everything but just another. It is one of my favorite shows. And knowing that I watch a lot of stuff, it's not a small thing to come in at the top 4-5! But this show is simply genius!

I don't know if it is because of Hugh Laurie, or the way the character is built around the irony filled life of a disabled doctor, or just the fact that the grasp on reality is so damn tight, but I am telling you, I can't get enough of those stories. I watched every single one of them, and can't wait for the next one to come out (in 9 days time).

I don't know if you know, but Hugh Laurie actually came to the auditions for the part of doctor Willson. Further more, the director of the series (Bryan Singer) stated that he hates working with British actors, because they always come out pretentious with their accents. Look how that one turned out, hey?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Now, this is a show that I absolutely love! :) It is funny, it is sarcastic, it is frighteningly realistic at times (in the cases of lose, romance and death!), it is, to put it in as few words as possible - fun! :)

It's a show that revolves around J.D., the day dreaming young, confused doctor. The episodes are narated by J.D.'s inner voice (something that is suppose to be a kind of parody of Grey's Anathomy) and he offten drifts out into a world of his own, where more than unusual things happen! The naratives linger betwen his romantic ties, his relationship with doctor Turc (his best friend), with his protector, Carla, the head nurse, the man he considors his mentor (doctor Cox), and my personal favourite - with the janitor who torchers him for no apperant reason! :)

The show went a little bit downhill after moving to ABC this season, but the good thing is they air 2 episodes at the time! Can't wait for the new ones! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

The reimagined TV series Battlestar Galactica is nearing to it's end. It is so good, that even at the point that we know the ending is immanent, nothing is clear. Earth was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, millenia ago, the promised land is not there, and on top of everything, they found out that the Thirteenth tribe (or as it's also known - the tribe of Cobalt) is the original human population. All the other colonies come from there (or here, depends on how you choose to look at things), among them, of course, the original Cylons as well!

The ending of the story is all about the Cylons. Everybody thought that there are 12 humanoid models, but it became clear that there is one more, one called Daniel. Nobody knows who he is (or maybe she, because that name is kinda unisex), and to the very end, we are going to be entertained by the unveiling of his identity and the philosophical dilemas about what is life, who can be called alive, and who's still a machine, etc.

The suspense is present, there is a lot of action yet to happen (for example there is a new storyline coming from the base ship that is not with the fleet), we are going to see a lot of boundaries that are going to come down. I personally can't wait for the new episode to air! :)